Coming Back


So I have been gone for a good few months. I had to take a brake to be able to transition into high school and learn the ropes. Thank God ninth grade is so much easier than 8th grade. The only thing is that there are dances. So there is definitely some drama there. Wish me luck.

Glad to be back,

Lara ❤

What’s in my Beauty Bag?

To be honest, I’m not really a makeup person. I don’t go crazy, but I do like putting on a little from time-to-time. I also have a weird obsession with watching beauty blogs…I love watching the transformation.

Thank God I haven’t really had any pimples yet. So I don’t really use foundation or anything to try to cover up parts of my skin. Sometimes, I do get bags under my eyes, so if they’re really bad, I cover them up. I also don’t do eyeliner. At all. I could never learn to do it myself, but when others do it for me I’m always so afraid they’ll poke my eyes out or something. I trust very few people to help me with my makeup. I also do this weird thing where I laugh when someone does my stage makeup. I just get a sudden urge to laugh nervously and that somehow screws up the whole makeup process.

Anyway…I have a lot of stuff in my beauty bag (its more like a case actually) and should probably go through it. I already know that there is gonna be a lot of lip stuff. Some of this isn’t like serious top-notch stuff, but I love them anyway.



So here is a picture of my cosmetics bag. There isn’t actually a ton of stuff in it yet since I just started getting into beauty products and fashion and things like that. I’ve gotten really into the color black recently too, so I really like this design. The inside is red, which I’m not completely crazy about, but the bag itself is really good.




So the first thing I took out from on of the huge pockets were all my brushes. These are Royal & Langnickel Gems brushes that I got for Christmas. They are super soft and are my favorite brushes to use.




The next things that I took out were all my lip items. These are mostly lip glosses, because the ones that I have actually look like lipstick instead. The first one on the left is called Island Girl. I bought it in Hawaii last summer. It is just a lip gloss to make your lips shine, and it has a watermelon smell to it. The next five I bought at Macy’s on a shopping trip with my sister. The second of the five is my favorite. It is a dark red that is extremely strong and bright. After those five is actually one that I don’t really like. My sister gave it to me as a birthday gift, but it doesn’t really show up. I have no idea where she got it from, but its the thought that counts, right? Then next two are both coral from Revlon. After that is a nice dark pink from wet n wild. It has a little shimmer to it which I really love. The last two are from LipGloss. To be honest, they aren’t really my thing. The first LipGloss is just to make your lips have a little orange shine. The second one doesn’t really show up at all on my lips and I was a little disappointed. As for the last three at the bottom, the first one is pixi chap stick. The second is a dark lipstick from bobby brown. The last is a bright red from Ellen Tracy.



This is my favorite lotion to use. It’s Hawaiian sea salt that I got last summer from the Disney Hawaiian hotel I stay at, Aulani. It smells amazing and is really on of the only lotions that works on my dry skin.





And last but not least, my mascara, eyeliner, eyelash curler, foundation and blush. I haven’t ever really used the pencil eyeliner or the foundation. The reason I also haven’t shown you guys and of my eyeshadow pallets is because we just got back from a trip to our family’s lake house and all of the pallets are in my suitcase.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of my cosmetics!


Have an amazing day!

~~Lara ❤


Some of My New Fav Netflix Superhero Shows


Hey guys!! So recently, at the beginning of June, I started this show on Netflix called The Flash. For those of you who don’t know who the Flash is, he was a super intelligent guy who works as part of a detective agency for the police department. One day, he got struck by lightning, right as a particle accelerator (long story, basically it was gonna help us learn more about physics) exploded. Those two mixed, giving him the power of speed. One of the main reasons I 0c01f68c319514713a8e86d76970af5a--super-hero-shirts-super-heroslike this show is because the Flash (Barry Allen) makes the same mistakes that I would make. Sometimes he rushes into things too quickly or he cant handle something and goes into a breakdown. That definitely seems like something I would do. Over the past three seasons I have watched I have seriously fallen in love with this show.




Another show I started was Supergirl. One of my best friends,  Ally, told me to watch it and I got hooked on the second episode. The only thing I don’t like about this show is how sometimes it seems like she has no faults. It doesn’t seem that realistic to me, but I can live with it. I really think its a great show and I would recommend this show to anyone willing to watch it.


I really hope that you would think about watching these great shows ❤


Getting Some Stress

Hey you guys! So I haven’t been able to keep up with my Disney days, because I have been swamped with history work. Plus my mom is seriously stressing me out about it. Today was probably one of the most stressful days I have ever had. Not really many people know about this, but when I get stressed way more then I can take, I just feel really depressed. I don’t have depression or anything. I don’t understand why I just get super gloomy when I am stressed, but it seriously ticks off my mom.

We got into a heated argument today. She flipped out because she didn’t understand why I was talking about. I was trying to explain that my email didn’t work so I couldn’t email my teacher. Then I started yelling at her, and she yelled at me. Then she said that if she told my dad how I have been acting he would ground me for two weeks. I tried explaining to her that this is the most stressed out I have ever been about something, but she didn’t really listen. About thirty minutes ago my gramma came over to drop off my little sis Betty (real name kept secret from y’all sorry). She had been thrown off a horse and her face is scratched up. She has a pretty big bruise that goes across the side of her forehead. She cant fully open her mouth either because of the way she fell on it. I’m just happy nothing happened to her braces. I honestly hope my mom realizes at some point how much stress I am getting. Right now we are at our lake house. My sisters are swimming and my mom has been making me study for my test all day without a break.

I do love my mom, but sometimes are relationship is shaky.

Well, I should probably study….NOT. I need a break jeez.

~~Lara ❤

Disney Day #1

Okay, so there are ten days left until I leave for my trip. Along with my regular posts, I am gonna do one Disney post a day. So for these posts, I will show you like something super amazing, maybe a ride, food place, or a story that I had from previous Disney fun-time experience (fun-time…does that sound corny to you?).

So this post today is a story. So, for the record, I have only ever been to Animal Kingdom once. My family went to ride Expedition Everest. For those of you that don’t know what this ride is, you are going on this rollercoaster up a huge mountain, and the story behind it, is all about a mysterious yeti. When you wait in line for the ride, it shows you all this yeti-related stuff. During a part of the ride, you go backwards, and if you are lucky, get a glance at the yeti himself! I never personally saw it, but it sounds exciting!

Anyway, back to the story…

The time we went was the best time of the year–Christmas. Also another great thing–flu season. So my little sister caught it. So since we were sharing a room my parents made sure that I stayed as much as I could away from her. I feel bad because she had to go to the Magic Kingdom with us and ride all the rides. Its a miracle she never threw up. Fast-forward to the next day. I start feeling a little weird. My family thought it was from food poisoning because I had eaten part of an uncooked burger, which was rare in Disney. Good thing we didn’t really do anything that night. My gramma was babysitting while all the adults went to dinner. I just curled up on the couch chomping adorably at a ice cream mickey head. We went to bed, I had strange dreams as usual, and I woke up in a cold sweat. Cold sweats are like the most uncomfortable thing for me. Anyway, I threw up ten minutes later. Luckily, I made it to a toilet just in time. And it wasn’t event that bad. Although I HATE throwing up. Next day, guess where we were going–Expedition Everest.

I BEGGED my dad to let me stay. My mom did too. She said she could watch me since I had a fever. Unfortunately, both my dad and I are super stubborn. I eventually gave in. So when we got there I was incredibly nauseous. My dad literally picked me up and just carried me to the ride. Having a ten year old crying on his shoulder all the way. Then, the crappiest thing happened. The fourth time he made me go, the ride stopped right before the huge drop down the mountain. People started singing to try and calm their nerves, and being the little drama queen kid I was, started singing Amazing Grace in my head. After about ten minutes, the ride was back into motion. We tried to go on again, but they closed it while we were in line. I’m just grateful that I didn’t puke. My cousin Justin was so afraid I would puke, he screamed at me to do it over the cart. Thanks Justin, for those words of wisdom.

The thing is, I would totally go on it again as long I am not sick. Luckily, I think I am!!

~~Lara ❤

Summer Renovation Time!!

Hey guys, hope you are having an amazing summer so far!

Just a heads up, if you randomly come over to this blog one day and see a complete change, I am giving this blog a summer makeover. Summer themed posts, summer themed collabs and themes etc. So if you guys wanna collab at all, contact me.

Stay cool for the summer! (ok that was cheesy, I am working on it)


Guess Who Came Back?

Hey y’all! That’s right, I’m back. I have been going through a lot lately, and decided to take a brake from my blog. But I decided now would be an amazing time to come back!

I recently just got out of school, which just lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. I also turned 14 in April, so now I totally feel way more mature. Yeah…no. I also just came back from a fam reunion in New York. It was at an Irish Pub. I new no one there. It was totally awkward. (btw I am just gonna be talking about some random stuff in this post)

In 11 days I am taking a little trip to Florida!! I am sooo excited!! First my fam is going to Universal. Then, we are going to Disney, then the Disney Cruise!! Biggest trip ever!!! Well, maybe lol I have been to a lot of places. I wont be able to post at all while I am there, but once I come back, I will tell you all everything that happened, and show you a bunch of pics!

Two weeks ago I got a new phone. Well not really. Just a hand-me-down, which was fine. But it sucks watching my dad get a 7 while I get a 5S. So, I just found out I have enough money to buy an 8 when it comes out!! So yup I am gonna try and get one of my own since my dad most likely will just give me another hand-me-down.

If you guys get any challenges, I love making them. I’m pretty sure some of you tried to tell me those, but sorry I am not really gonna do them because it might drag me behind. I planned what I am gonna post for like the next week. Its gonna be the countdown for Disney and Universal. So everyday besides my regular blogging I am gonna post some amazing stuff about Universal or Disney. Or just stuff I cant wait to see or do.

I am gonna be catching up reading a bunch of y’all’s posts, so if you guys wanna talk or anything, I’m here! And I am pretty sure you know my email. If you don’t its so have fun with reading that cringey email XD

Seriously though, if you wanna talk or anything (even if you wanna talk bout life in general) talk to meh.

~~Lara ❤

Lots of Things

hey you guys. I’m sorry I haven’t really been on at all. There is just a lot of things that have been going on lately with school and my fam. Now I have final exams. I don’t think I will really be able to update for the next week or so, I hope you all can understand 🙂


7 Things That I Tend to Do if I Like a Guy


Happy International Women’s Day first of all!! This is the day that guys cant say they’re better than us at something. Because usually we are always better at them, they just don’t wanna admit it. But today they can. Let me rephrase that–But today they WILL.

Anyways, I just recently finished that horrible cyclone of feelings and emotions and junk and got over my crush. Because, I just gotta face the facts. It will never happen. Ever. He loves one of my friends, but what can you do, am I right?

So, this could apple to some of you. This is usually the cycle I go through when I seriously like a guy.

  1. “Playful banter.”

Okay, so some of you may be thinking–isn’t that like flirting? Well…I honestly suck at flirting. I’ve tried and failed. Some people (like my friend Ally sorry…forgive me? haha) tend to think that whenever I tease a guy that means I like him. Yeah I do like him…like to ANNOY him. Get your facts straight people (not that I’m targeting Ally specifically about this since it only happened once….Just click the link this is getting awkward…)

2. Admittance

So after teasing the guy for a while…and if he has a good heart (cheesy alert sorry) then I would finally admit to a few of my friends that I like the guy. (or Ally will just get it out of me…best friend right there guys 😀 how did that happen? XD) And the second I tell my friends they totally freak out (unless it is a guy that they hate for some reason).

3. Denying it

After my friends talk about it more I just blush and say “well I don’t like him THAT much.” Like only a little bit. (That’s Lara-Code for I like him more than you need to know lol)

4. Pity-party

This is the part where I don’t understand why he wouldn’t like me. Are we even friends…? Pshh of course we are. He isn’t my friend out of pity. But how can he like her instead of me. No no calm down…don’t be jealous. Just smile through it even though it hurts so badly.

5. Mega-Happy

How do you make me go from smushing my face into a pillow to smiling stupidly when you sit too close? It makes me uncomfortable. Back up or my face could explode!!! I hate this part of the mad cyclone of love. Whenever he tells a joke, I laugh. No matter how freaking stupid it is!! If he gets to close, I laugh nervously or just have a stupid smile on my face, then fix my hair to make sure it isn’t as stupid as my smile.

6. Realization

This is the part of my messed up love life where I realize that I shouldn’t waste my time with people who don’t like me back. Maybe it would happen some time..later in life. When my parents don’t want to meet you and everything wont be as awkward.

7. Freaking love

I don’t know what you would call this stage. Its that time when you have finished having feelings for a guy and then he starts flirting with you a tiny bit or you and your friends get suspicious and think that he likes you just because he said “when we used to talk a lot more, which was fun.” I just don’t understand boys. This sucks.

Well hoped you can sorta relate to this post. I really missed posting to you guys!

Have a great day! (or night 😉 )

~Lara ❤