Friendship Feuds

alright, I know I just finished writing a post, but I just thought of this one, plus, im super bored. so today im going to my cousin’s bday party, than tomorrow my mom, Katherine and I are going to see a Toby Mac concert! which… means I am going to Virginia! YYAAYY!! so anyway, my two friends are really fighting and I want them to stop so badly! its just horrible seeing them fight. one of them thinks she can get to the other one by calling her names. well it aint working. but it is getting worse. we had a friendship feud last year… and things got better until third period today. horrifying right? im not gonna get into full detail-mode or anything like that, cause that is THEIR personal life problems, but any encouragements that I can tell them from you guy?



  1. Ally · November 15, 2015

    Yeah, its my personal life! JK. SOOOOO glad your coming to VA soon!


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