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🍦Hey Ya’ll! No school today!!🍦

HOORAYYYY!!! NO SCHOOOOOOOOOLLLL!! So happy! Fresh snow on the ground everybody! So here is my movie review of the day:

Inside Out!!!!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Inside Out is about a girl named Riley and all the emotions going on inside her head. While half of the movie is about Riley’s life of moving to a town far away from home, the other half is about five emotions that she has. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. Sadness drops some core memories that power Riley’s personality, and Joy tries to save them. Instead, she and Sadness get sucked into long-term memory. Will they be able to get back to Headquarters? What is happening to Riley while Joy and Sadness aren’t there to help her feel happy and sad?! Watch the movie to find out!



(anger is red, sadness is blue, joy is the yellow one, except she is crying in that pic, fear is purple, disgust is green)


January 15, 2016

Dear diary,

Okay I HATE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND GUT TOO! I know that’s a little gross, but STILL!!! I am never going to talk to you again after what your cousin my first diary did to me!


Okay, I know I said I wasn’t gonna write in you again, but im super bored. plus my mom wants me to soooo. I will tell you how this whole madness between me and diaries begun so you would know how much I hate you.

It all started in 5th grade, and I was writing in my first diary when this girl named Clara took it! She read it out loud and so I left that school and came back this year. Nobody could believe it was me! I changed so much! And most say I’m so much more prettier then I was. Which is COMPLETELY TRUE!


Okay so i’m kinda getting attached to you just like my old diary but I am never gonna bring you to school! I have had a super good day. In my first class I got paired up with my BFFs Alyssa and Katherine. Then in my second class, I got paired up with my crush, Justine! He is soooooo amazing! He plays guitar, is really cute actually, and loves art! And Kathy thinks he likes me! EEEEEEEEKKKKK! That was me screaming with excitement. I got Chipotle for lunch along with a chocolate ice cream. Oh, I forgot to mention I had a BROWNIE for breakfast! and IT WAS HUGE! My fourth and third classes had tests for me to take, and I found out that it is Martin Luthar King Jr.’s bday today! Cool!!! Write in you later diary, the bell is about to ring for school to be over, then my mom has to pick me up. Write in ya later!


❄Schedule For the Week!❄

Hello people of earthΒ and some other planet that has free wifi!Β I don’t think I have ever told you all that I’m allergic to gluten, but I am. Here is my blogging schedule:

Sunday:Movie/TV show reviews

Monday: Gluten vs gluten free foods themed posts.

Tuesday: Holiday DIYs

Wednesday: Simply My Life (check out that blog! super cool!)

Thursday: Music/movie posts

Friday: The diary of a girl’s life

Saturday: Fun things to do an the weekends

I’m writing the Friday post so have fun reading it!

Until then,


🌟Annie–Coming to a City Near You!🌟

What does that mean you ask? Well, this post is dedicated to my BFF Ally! As some of you may know, she lives on the other side of the U.S. as I do. Until now…… I may have mentioned a few blogs ago that I was moving….AND I TOTALLY DID! I am also going to the same school as Ally is now! YAYYYYY! I’m so happy! Well, except I STILL hafta share a room with my little sis. We have a pretty incredible house though! And the best part is–it’s already messy! YAYYY! i’ll post soon!




πŸŒ‹I am back again for what? The third time I think? Yeah, I think that’s about right… Anyway, I am here to tell you that just about ever day or so I will post a certain post on this blog that you might want to read. It is about the days of the year. You all probably know all of the holidays by now.Β  Did you know that there are minor ones no one really talks about though? Yeah, you heard right! There are “secret” holidays! So by now I bet your probably wondering what the holidays are for today (that’s right, there are more than 1). So anyway here are the holidays for the week and almost everyday I will write one post dedicating them (it’s not weird, so don’t look at me like that!). So here they are!πŸŒ‹

🌠1/10: Peculiar People Day, Cut Your Energy Costs Day, Houseplant Appreciation Day, and Bittersweet Chocolate Day (YUMMY!). 🌠

β˜”1/11: Clean Off Your Desk Day, Milk Day, Learn Your NameΒ in Morse Code Day, andΒ StepΒ in a Puddle and Splash Your FriendsΒ Day.β˜”

✳1/12: Poetry at Work Day, Marzipan Day, and Pharmacist Day.✳

πŸŒ€1/13: Rubber Duckie Day, Skeptics Day, and Peach Melba Day.πŸŒ€

🌌1/14: Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day, Dress Up Your Pet Day, and Organize Your Home Day.🌌

πŸŒ›1/15: Strawberry Ice Cream Day.πŸŒ›

β˜€1/16: Nothing Day, Appreciate a Dragon Day, and International Hot and Spicy Food Day.β˜€


Hope you enjoyed!




Annie Photo Shoot!

That, I believe, would be EPICLY AWESOME.

So guess what? I am making a photo shoot with some photos that I really like! Each day, whenever I get bored, I will be all like: “oh hey, I forgot about the photo shoot!!!” So hang onto your hats and helmets people! Get ready for a photo shoot!

Look On the Bright Side….

2Whenever you’re feeling down, just look on the bright side. I know it can be hard sometimes. My mom and I just got into a fight where we both called each other names. And since she is the parent, she has the groundation laws. So I got banned from my computer until I said sorry. Sounds easy right? WRONG. Saying sorry to my mother was like trying to say sorry to someone who stole everything in your house. Did I forget to mention that my mom and I have a feud going? well, we do. But I eventually said sorry cause I had to do homework, but she never said sorry! So I got all mad again and I didn’t really talk to her that much. The point of this weird story is….LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! there is always gonna be someone worse off than you. AND I MEAN ALWAYS. To help you visualize this more, I found a few pics!









And there you have it folks! I know its pretty much saying what I said, but that’s kinda the point. Nowwwww off to do…..SOMETHING INTERESTING! Or something else. Idk what to do right now! XD











Found Out About Memes πŸŒˆ

Hello to you and whoever is creepily looking over your shoulder! Today, I was looking over my friend’s shoulder and saw something super funny…..memes! I honestly had no idea what they were until I looked them up. So from now on, every few days, you will get a surprise! It’s called: RANDOM MEME ATTACK!! I will send you a few memes that I thought were funny, and if you want to, you can rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. And some weeks, we will have a RANDOM MEME COUNTDOWN! Which is consisted of all the memes of the week that were rated a 10, and if no one rates….THEN I WILL RATE FOR YOU! Unless someone actually says something and says: “ooh!ooh!! I think that should TOTALLY be a 10!!” Then, during the meme countdown, I will post the one that was rated 10 and type the person’s name next to it. So don’t be afraid to make your voice heard. If someone says “OMG I HATE THAT MEME SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH,” but you really like it, then just say: “Well, I think it should be rated a 10 in MY opinion!” I will totally put up that meme and write: Annie: the one who loved this when no one else did. or something like that.Β  So have fun deciding when I start putting memes up!!!


Life in the Way….AGAIN!!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! Life has thrown me a curveball! I had to type a short story! My short story was five pages but….yeah, not much of a short story. Anyway, I have to leave soon i’m still in school, waiting for my mom to pick me up already. I just wish she would come, because I have to leave. My mom and dad are going to a super fancy hotel for my mom’s bday, and they won’t let any of us kids come. So, I get to go to my grandma’s house, and it’s perfect because I do dog-coaching nearby! I cant wait to see those cute dogs! And I forgot to publish this after I wrote cute dogs, because my mom was picking me up. And she told me that I’m actually leaving tomorrow morning–early! Yayyy! Well, gotta go eat dinner!