Look On the Bright Side….

2Whenever you’re feeling down, just look on the bright side. I know it can be hard sometimes. My mom and I just got into a fight where we both called each other names. And since she is the parent, she has the groundation laws. So I got banned from my computer until I said sorry. Sounds easy right? WRONG. Saying sorry to my mother was like trying to say sorry to someone who stole everything in your house. Did I forget to mention that my mom and I have a feud going? well, we do. But I eventually said sorry cause I had to do homework, but she never said sorry! So I got all mad again and I didn’t really talk to her that much. The point of this weird story is….LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! there is always gonna be someone worse off than you. AND I MEAN ALWAYS. To help you visualize this more, I found a few pics!









And there you have it folks! I know its pretty much saying what I said, but that’s kinda the point. Nowwwww off to do…..SOMETHING INTERESTING! Or something else. Idk what to do right now! πŸ˜„












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