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Life is Tearing Apart

Hey readers! My life is literally falling apart piece by piece. Molecule by molecule. Atom by atom and well, you get the picture. Many people I know are either going through surgery or are dying. And I thought that today’s post would be something that I call the Paper Shredder. It is where I put down all of my complaints, and then try to find ways to help my problems get better. Like giving a card to sick family members or something like that.

So here are my problems:

1. haven’t spoken to my father in a week.

Okay. I am not exaggerating. Many ppl at my school thought I was, but I have not seen or spoken to my father in two weeks mainly because his job is making him stay there really late at night. he says that he isn’t really allowed to talk about his job, so I don’t know what he does for a living. not even my mom knows!

2. My 2nd favorite teacher has something wrong with her leg.

So my chorus teacher hasn’t been at school for about four days, and I just found out there is something wrong with her leg. So I have to have a sub that I rlly don’t like, and we cant do a concert or assessment (I guess that’s okay though cause I hate both of them!)

3. My best friend loves my enemy!

Okay! Stop the train! I want to get off! Can I just like, grab the remote and press pause?! My best friend loves the boy I hate! Whyyy?! He gave her a rose for Valentine’s Day and now she is in LOVE with him. PUUUUUKKKKEEEE!!!

4. My other best friend’s mom has cancer.

What is with all the cancer recently?! Idk about you, but there has been lots of talk about cancer recently. The bad news is, this type of cancer is genetic, so my friend might have it! I cant stand the thought of her dying! I have had so many friends come and go, when 3/4 of my friends moved out of my first neighborhood, then I moved, then friend drama….

4. My third friend’s mom is having surgery tomorrow!

Praying is all I can pretty much say.

5. My uncle is dying.

He has had cancer for 4 years and has been fighting it. When the doctors found out  he had it, he was already in stage four of five. He has two daughters who are five and three, and I cry at the thought that they wont ever get to know him. (which is unnatural cause I rarely cry, only if I am having an allergic reaction, ADD probs, ect.) Also, what is kind of weird is that my other uncle is getting married soon! Congrats to him!

Remember to share your thoughts in the comments!

Make sure to be thankful for what you have, cause some day you might not have it! I recommend doin Paper Shredder once in a while to let that sadness out! It helps lol!





Okay! Name Time!

So I have been thinking….How should I start opening my posts? Kendall from Simply My Life calls everyone Internet World. I was thinking of calling you all something. Leave a comment down below if you have a suggestion! Katherine (my younger sis, if you didn’t already know) suggested Gluteneers. Im not so sure about that…Actually…probably wont do that! Sorry Kathy, but I am mad at you for stealing my iPad sooooooo…. 🙂

Also! I have interviewed a few bloggers that you might know….and from now on, if I have any extra time on my hands, I will show you their questions and answers! Unfortunately, I haven’t got the time right now. I am actually auditioning for a singing/acting gig at my church called Kids Stuff. A few of my friends do it! There is also a super cute guy there…but I don’t like him. Don’t worry gals! (man, I crack myself up sometimes)

See you all later my little Gluteneers! Jk! I wont call you that! So don’t worry! Also, I am thinking about showing you guys some of my artwork on Wednesdays. I LOVVVEEE to draw, and paint, and all artsey stuff! Gotta go study for a huge test!

Until next post,



Hey everyone! So I am going to put up two, yes TWO posts today. Mayyyyybe three? Anyway this post is aggravation, mainly because I haven’t been keeping up with the blogging. My computer broke, my dad got mad that I had to get a new one, I am right now grounded (not from this though! YAY!!), and I have had a teeny tiny cold. That is spreading. In my family. This post was just to tell you that I am back in the game! Im also in a kind of bad position. I am supposed to go with a friend to Alabama this summer (maybe she doesn’t know if her parents will let her) to do this mission thing for her dance group. My mom said that I could, but I haven’t asked my dad yet. He is in a pretty bad mood. At least, I think so. His job is making him stay there until 11:00 at night. He doesn’t get dinner until that time! So I haven’t seen him for a week. Only talked to him twice. And he had grounded me during one of our little talks. So here is my master awesome plan to get him in a good mood towards me:

Step 1: Strive to get good grades for the rest of the week.

Step 2: Be sugary-sweet with pretty much everyone, including this guy I really, really, really, REALLY hate. that’s gonna be the hard part. UGHHHHHH!!

Step three: Brag to my mom about the good grades I received and then tell my dad. That way they are both proud of me!

So onto the next post!!

See you all then!


My Sick Day :(

6:30 am:

  • woke up
  • felt horrible
  • fell asleep on the floor after falling onto it
  • poor floor


7:00-7:15 am:

  • had ice cream for breakfast
  • it was sooooooo good
  • still felt horrible

8:00-9:35 am:

  • took a quiz
  • got a quiz back got 22 out of 21 (imma genious. jk, not rlly. My secret is….STUDY.)
  • went to the restroom to cry a little cause what I felt was a mix of pain, nausea, and internal pain. (my uncle has been fighting cancer for 4 years and he is now dying. His oldest girl is 4 and his youngest daughter is 2)
  • came out looking as happy as well, probably a fiddle or something
  • wrote out a study guide to a quiz I have next week


  • this was choir (yes I know it may sound silly, but I love singing so much. it is one of my passions in life. Plus, you only get hw like, 3times a year in that class, and its better than getting actual lectures and actual hw)
  • many ppl were having tablet issues (we use tablets instead of textbooks at this school) and so there were only three sopranos, three tenors, three alti (altos)
  • I felt better during this class at least.


THEN CAME LUNCH. My mom was helping out with special lunch (where ppl order lunch from Panda Express, Chipotle, and stuff like that)

I couldn’t take it anymore. I just couldn’t make it through the school day. My mother agreed to take me home. She made me eat some pepperoni, and well, I um….was super close to tossing my cookies (so to speak). At around 5:00 PM I was feeling much better. My mom gave me steak in bed which was awesome, and I am not allowed to tell any of my fam that cause my dad has a rule about that and my siblings would just get jealous sooo. I AM FEELING SO MUCH BETTER! I will be in school tomorrow, or should I say later today since its 12:01 am now? Whatever. I am just glad I didn’t fall behind in any subjects! Question for this post is: What was your most embarrassing sick moments at school? Actually, don’t answer that if you don’t wanna. XD


Not Called Annie Anymore…

Okay, so I bet your probably thinking whats up with the new title. I thought that “Annie” was getting kinda old and boring. This is 2016! The 21st century! Gotta spice things up a little bit! So, I made the title actually relate to how I am. I am gluten free. I do not choose to be, I am allergic. It’s genetic. My mother has it, and probably one of my poor little kids that I might one day have will probably get it. I also will mention that I have ADD. For those of you who have not clue what that is, I am pretty much giving you a strait-forward definition. It is like ADHD except I am not hyper-active. And for those of you that don’t know what THAT is, it is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I kinda have that, just not hyperactive, which is ironic cause I can be VERY hyper sometimes. Whenever I try and focus on something, the amazing part of my brain (that is supposed to help me!!) goes to sleep. The more harder I try to focus, the more is slips off to sleep. I take this medicine to keep me focused. So then my parents told me that I couldn’t go to the same school next year because they didn’t have anything to help me with that. Then, a miracle happened. The school added a program for people with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, and more. I could still go to school there! So hey, life throws you curveballs, and you gotta try and swing your bat as hard as you can and when you get that home run, you feel like your flying!! Sorry, I loveeee sports, and my family talks in sports terms. My mom and dad both play softball. My dad still plays, but my mom watches us kids now. I do: volleyball, soccer, cheer, tennis, lacrosse too. Kathy does tennis and wants to start hockey. Betty does horse riding. And my littlest sis wants to be a soccer playa like my father. (he played soccer)

So life can be hard, but life is great and you know it. Until next time,



P.S. I am starting blogging interviews where I ask bloggers some questions, then post it. If you wish to be interviewed, contact me. My contacts is in the About Annie tab.

Fear Story #2 Part 1

Okay, I know I haven’t posted in a while so you don’t have to rub it in. I haven’t had enough time in the day to, sorry about that. You’re probably wondering about the title, ‘Fear Story #2.’ I bet your all like, “UMMMMMM…where is #1?!” Well, that is on the blog simplymylife132. You should check it out! It is way better than mine, and that’s probably because–I am NO writer. Anyway, onto the fear story!

“Annie, please come to the office.” Boomed the overhead speaker in my classroom. I shrugged as my friends looked at me with curious glances. I walked through the crystal clear doors. The nurses office was crowded with men who looked like firefighters, except, you could tell they worked for a hospital cause they had a stretcher. That stretcher had a person on it.

“Katherine!” I screamed. My science teacher held me back. FYI she is the nicest women I will probably ever meet outside of my fam. Anyway back to the story…

“Annie, go get your things from your classroom.” My teacher said coolly. ( I think that’s how you spell it, but you get the idea of the word, I think)

Why is her face white?! What happened?! I should of been there when it happened! Why am I the only one leaving? What about my other brothers and sisters?! Tears started streaming down my face and the first tears started to fall. I didn’t want her to die. She was only in second grade! Kids shouldn’t die in second grade! My classmates stared at me, and a few whispered “Why are you crying?” and: “Who is going into the ambulance outside?”

That last question struck me hard. We were riding in an ambulance? Wait, only Kathy would. What if she dies in the ambulance?! Finally, as I walked outside I saw my mom. The safe place. The one who can tell me whats wrong.

“Is she having an asthma attack?” I shook as I spoke.

“No, this is something more different and way more dangerous….”