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Rays of Sunshine (Guest Post)

You know that feeling when you are having a horrible day and then someone says something to you that totally changes your mood? It makes you feel great inside. Someone cares. Someone actually took the two minutes out of their day to have a conversation in you that changes your whole day around. Sometimes, it is just a random thing that one person says. That person is different almost every time. But sometimes, it is one specific person every time who can flip your day around with anything they say to you. Those people are your rays of sunshine. Treasure them. To me, there is nothing more important in life than a good friend who can make you smile, even if you are having the worst day of your life so far. I have many rays of sunshine in my life. I want to start a little activity in the comment section on this post. Or any other post! If you have any rays of sunshine in the blogging community, let them know. If you have any other rays of sunshine, let them know. I’m going to do one of mine right here, in this post. I’m going to leave out my immediate family, because I obviously love them and can tell them that any day at any time. So aside from the family I live with, here are my rays of sunshine’s.


Megan: I can’t even explain how much I love you. You can literally only say “hi” to me and make me happier. Your fun spirit and everything about you is so loveable and I love hanging out with you.

Emily: Kitty! I swear, everything you say is hilarious and makes me smile. You’re always there for me and you know that I’m here for you too.

Avery: I’ve known you for as long as I can remember, and always have so much fun with you. I see you every day at school, but we don’t get to hang out enough. You’re smart enough, why don’t you just come up to my grade? Forget about finishing 6th grade. 7th grade should be easy enough for you anyway 🙂

Ainsley: I HAVE known you forever, literally. Since the day I was born. I have always admired you and looked up to you. I have so many amazing memories of us. Sleepovers, birthdays, even doing your English homework with you. I wish that we could see each other more. We’re cousins! We should hang out more! Mom… hint hint hint… we need a sleepover with Ainsley, Aspen, and Avalon…

Maddy: You are seriously the most amazing friend on the planet. I can only remember one time that we’ve fought, and I was 6 then. You are so sweet and funny. I really really wish that I didn’t have homework every day, because then I could actually see you after school. I LOVE YOU MADDY!


I want you to tell your rays of sunshine who they are to you. You should only have a couple rays of sunshine, because they are unique and special. Have fun with this little activity!

Thank you so much to Annie for letting me guest post on her blog, and look on my blog for a guest post from her later this week!

❤ Ally


Boy Issues.

(I will not say the boy’s real name. I am going to call him Fishy. Ally knows who i am talking about already XD)

Okay, I am not here to write in my “Pink feathery diary with a pink feathered pen and a box of chocolates some boy sent me.” So, I go to school with Abigail and Ally. There is this boy I like to tease, and he likes to tease me. You know, the usual arguments between one another to see who is more mature and so on and so forth.

But yesterday (I couldn’t post really yesterday I had acting stuff), Abbie said the unthinkable.  “I think Fishy likes you.” I literally jumped up in surprise. I asked her how she knew this, because on Valentines Day, he gave a rose to this girl at my school. Here was her reasoning:

  1. Partnered up in literature, she said he was staring at my the WHOLE TIME and not doing any work.
  2. In math, he didn’t spend his time doing hw, he did it staring at me apparently!
  3. And ( I don’t think this really counts) he asked her why I “hated” him so much.

Okay, I have been told that I am pretty and stuff, but seriously? the boy I argue with every day of my life?

I talked to my mom about this because, my mom is pretty cool. She is more like an older sister than a mom. Here was HER reasons:

  1. He was probably scared I would reject him,  and tell him I don’t like him back. (Okay, dudes of the world: Tell a girl you like her, because there might be a chance she likes you back. Or else, you may never know and you both will be sad for the rest of your lives.)
  2. It is better to give a rose to someone who doesn’t argue with him.

Like, wow….It feels good to be liked but…on the other hand….its FISHY.

I don’t know how I could possible end this. Oh I know!



Fav Blogs!

Hey internet surfer dues and girls! Annie coming at you, AGAIN! Here is a list of my favorite blogs and the links too!

Kendall’s Simply My Life! I do a collab with her (I think that’s the right word…) on Wednesdays. Make sure to check that out not only on Wednesdays cause you know, I am just so awesome (jk), but also look on any day of the week! Your dad’s birthday, you mom’s birthday, your long-lost-brother’s birthday, or any other day!

Ally! Imagination is more important than knowledge… OMG super good blog! One of my best friends too! Her blog is so right! Imagination IS more important than knowledge…. 🙂 Ally and I may be doing a collab sometime…idk though….maybe a book might be involved for both our blogs…

Singing Superstar Yo! Okay…I made those words up. She just started it five minutes ago, so take it easy on her, but only if you wanna. (Sorry Abby) She goes to my school, just like Ally! She made it into District chorus and is now going to state omg wish I was her! She has such a high voice. Hurts my ears sometimes actually. (Sounds so good, but super high. Just like your fourth chocolate or vanilla cupcake…wanna eat it…too full..)

Rosangela<3 Omg she is epic Rosangela, I just gotta say, your blog is one of the best I have ever read! You totally inspire me (I don’t like mushy and cheesy stuff) and all of that sweet stuff people say during speeches. Also, you helped me get a little organized when I read your ‘How to Stay Organized in College’ even though I am not in college….heh..your blog is AWESOME!

There is also Allison the Vacuum Cleaner, but I am about to loose internet connection, so I gtg! See you all later!



Annie’s Random Thoughts


Helloooooo internet surfer dudes and girls!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while….some things popped up in my schedule. I didn’t know what to write today so I had a thought….I should do a random thoughts post! Thought of it just now actually, write after Ally told me for the 100th time to post already. SO LET’S GET STARTED!

Random thought #1: Tuesday.

Tuesday. What is up with that word? Doesn’t it sound weird to the rest of you, or is it just me? I looked up what the word Tuesday went and here is what I got:

  1. The day of the week before Wednesday, following Monday.

(A bunch of boys are rapping right next to me….hah!)

So, I guess most of us will never know from reading this post what Tuesday actually means. I should of probably done more research on that but you know, what can you do? I think that Tuesday is the second worst day mainly because it is STILL the beginning of the school week. I really only like Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Random thought #2: Smart cars

Okay why are smart cars called smart cars? I know they are supposed to make the earth cleaner or something like that, but I just think that they make it easier to die in car crashes. Imagine a truck hitting one. The person in the smart car would probably die or get severely injured. My dad calls them dumb buggies….hehe….dumb…..buggie….car…. Annnyyywayyyyy… here is a pic of one for those of you who don’t know what it is:

The new smart car! The only car that can save the earth AND kill you (only sometimes though, so don’t worry :D)

Anyway, those are my random thoughts for now! I will make another post tonight about more random thoughts, but it is the end of the school day for me, and I am about to leave, so see ya later!



Ally, This is 4 You!

Hey readers! Whats up in your world? Annie here! (obviously) If you are wondering the reasons I haven’t posted in a while, go look at Simply My Life, the amazing blog where I guest post (Wednesdays) with a few other amazing gals, along with Kendall. She gets her own category cause she is awesome! Anyway, my BFF Ally made a bunch of clip-art for me and my blog! I was supposed to use one of them for my guest blogging today, but I forgot! Sorry Ally! I would like to make this post the Ally Art Gallery! Whenever Ally makes a bunch of new clip-art things, whenever and if she wants to, (along with my clip-art of course. Sorry for the run-on sentence!) I will post them! So here we gooooooo! The first one was by Ally, second I had made for her bday for her, third, she made, and I made the last one! Have fun world!