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Field Trip!

Hey Readers! Nothing much to post about today, unless a huge wave of inspiration hits me. Today, my grade went on a field trip to Ford’s Theater. That was where Abraham Lincoln got shot. They had these super creepy statues, and so my classmates and I posed for the camera acting like we were part of the collection. I got to see the weapon used, which was actually pretty cool (later, I asked my mom if I could have one. She said no. ugh. parents sometimes).

After that, we went into the theater itself and saw where Abraham Lincoln was sitting at the time. Since we are reading A Christmas Carol in class, my teacher thought Ford’s theater would be great. There was a performance of it, which I gotta say was super awesome. There was really loud thunder and flashes onstage sometimes during dramatic scenes, which made me jump every time. I accidentally almost grabbed my friends arm on my right (obviously not thinking what I was doing), he didn’t like that so much (sorry!). It’s not that the loud noises scared me or anything…..I could tell they were coming. They were just SO LOUD. If any of you are in Washington D.C. anytime soon, totally visit the theater and watch a performance. Super incredible!!

~Annie ❤


Teasing….Be Gone

Hey Readers!

So today, I would like to address teasing. I know it may seem harmless to whoever you are teasing, but my experience today was different.

I’m a pretty touch chic. At least, that’s what I have been told. I don’t cry in public, I hold it in until I get to my room and squeeze my pillow. So there was this guy I liked. Key word: WAS. Today during third period we were teasing each other as we always do (with my best friends whispering about my love life…YEAH LIKE I DIDNT KNOW WHAT YOU WERE SAYING). I don’t quite remember what I said, since my ADD causes me to have a not-so-great-memory (not that I blame it or anything. I blame genetics). Whatever I said was grammatically incorrect. And we were in grammar class. Some people think that ADD/ADHD kids are weird. I’m ADD and I’m mostly normal. The thing that kids with ADD and stuff are wickedly smart. We just don’t focus well enough to pay attention in class and that leads to getting bad grades. So after I said the sentence, Justin whips around in his desk, combs his hair with his fingers, and then says “nice going Einstein.”  I don’t know why, but I just kinda broke. I  mean, all my life my parents told me I was the smartest person they knew. My IQ tests proved that I was off-the-charts smart. But this guy calls me Einstein as a joke. Not saying that wasn’t smart, but implying it. This teasing needs to stop. I know it may seem fun to you and some people might laugh it off, but maybe…just maybe deep down they’re hurting inside.

❤ Annie

Doctor Strange

Hey Readers! I’m sure most if not all of you have at least heard about the movie Doctor Strange! I saw it, and it is by FAR my favorite movie. If you love action and adventure, this is the movie for you. When I watched it, there was one scene that probably wasn’t very appropriate (just talking, nothing serious…trying to keep this clean here). Doctor Strange (or Benedict Cumberbatch [yes that shadow thing in the Hobbit movies]) has a life-changing incident when a car accident robs him of the use of his hands. When traditional medicine fails him, he looks for healing, and hope, in a mysterious enclave (a place or group that is different in character from those surrounding it). He quickly learns that the enclave is at the front line of a battle against unseen dark forces bent on destroying reality. Before long, Strange is forced to choose between his life of fortune and status or leave it all behind to defend the world as the most powerful sorcerer in existence (“Film Synopsis”). And Readers, make sure you stay after the credits to see the end-credits short film! I did a little digging, and found out that these Marvel movies are leading up to something called The Infinity Wars Part 1 and The Infinity Wars Part 2. Im guesstimating that the movies will come out around 2019. Hope you found this movie interesting, and I hope you go see it!


❤ Annie


Movie Review: Finding Dory

Hey Readers! Before we begin there are spoilers from the first movie Finding Nemo, so don’t read anymore unless you wish to read some.  I just watched Disney’s new movie: Finding Dory! Ever seen Finding Nemo? Well this movie is sorta like that. Instead, Dory, a fish who has short-term memory loss, remembers her family after years of searching for them after losing them. This movie shows her journey to her berth place to find her parents. On her journey, she takes her new family: Marlin and Nemo. In the first movie, Marlin’s son Nemo becomes a rebel and follows a boat (or “Butt”) to prove he is a brave fish. Instead, he gets captured. His father chases after the boat but loses Nemo. He literally runs into Dory (or swam into her….I don’t speak fish). They cross the entire ocean just to find Nemo. And they do! Now, it’s Dory’s turn. Wanna see if she finds her family? Will Marlin choose to help Dory? Are there really three hearts in an octopus? Watch the movie to find out!

❤ Annie

P.S. I also saw Doctor Strange….that’s the next review! (Also look below at the pics <3)


1 Year Anniversary!

Hey Readers!

I know I have already done like, seven posts today, but I just remembered that it has been a year since my first post! Actually my first post was November 12, but just pretend like this post was written on November 12.

I cannot believe that it has been a year. So many ups and downs, likes and follows…its hard to keep track of it all! You all have been amazing, really. I cant believe you lived through all my madness this long. Well, hang on because this next year is gonna be a ride!

Related image

Honestly, this is my life right now. I was so unprepared for this…I hate odd numbers so how about we do something special every two years? That way its a treat and not a routine. Anyway I have had a LONG day so have fun watching this slideshow of pictures I have posted over this year of blogging!


❤ Annie

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Operation Christmas Child

Hey Readers!

So, our school is doing Operation Christmas Child. My school knows well that kids my age don’t really have time to do it/don’t really want to. I LOVE doing it. I feel good knowing that a kid somewhere is getting gifts from me to help them live longer and fell like they’re loved! So, I went shopping yesterday. I got these cute little butterfly bracelets, pens, stencils, mini coloring books and stuff like that. To try and motivate the students, the school said that whichever grade had the most OCC boxes would get a free dress day (we wear uniforms yuck). If you would like to help and change the life of a child on the other side of the world, click the link!

❤ Annie

Daily Prompt: Filthy

via Daily Prompt: Filthy

Hey Readers!

So, today I was going through the blogs I follow, and for the Daily Prompt, the key word that we had to write a post about was Filthy. I can do this. Okay…

So this morning I came to school late. So before I left my house, I plopped down on my couch and pulled a blanket over my legs to stay nice and toasty. The bottom pat of the blanket is made out of sheep’s wool I think. I’m not sure what the top part is made of though..anyways I felt a little stab at my shin. Like someone tried to poke me as gently as they could with a pencil. So I flipped over the blanket to see what was disturbing my comfy time. The blanket was littered with TOENAILS. Yeah, you heard me correctly, TOENAILS. It must of been one of my brothers. EWWW. After that, I went up to the attic, where we have the most comfy blankets I have ever felt in my life. I grabbed one, but a dirt and dust cloud flew into my eyes and STICKS fell out of it. I think I will be done with blankets for a while.

❤ Annie

What I’m Thankful For

Hey Readers! As you probably already know, Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m celebrating. Hope that y’all are as thankful for everything in your lives as I am!

I’m thankful for:



-my blog

-you guys!

-dogs ❤

-my school


-my house

Also, I was just having a random thought about states. Every time I think of a state, I will write a post about that state and some things that I learned about it. If you’re from the state I am posting about, comment or like or just be like Why is she doing this and don’t read that post!

❤ Annie

Favorite Thanksgiving Things

Hey Readers! Since Thanksgiving is approaching fast, here are my top 3 favorite Thanksgiving things!

  1. Turkey-this is something that I LOVE. Turkey is my favorite thing about Thanksgiving! I’m usually a very picky eater, but slide some turkey my way and I’m all yours!
  2. Decorations-I usually help my family decorate for every holiday, and it’s one of my favorite things to do! Hanging up lights during Christmas…hiding eggs on Easter…Putting up pumpkins…it’s all good!
  3. Family-I don’t know about some of you, but my family is a fun family. We always party and I love spending time with my older cousins. One of them is starting to teach me how to play the piano! (I started when I was younger but grew away from it)

Hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

❤ Annie

So Many Mistakes

So, looking back on this blog I realized that before I quit and before I came back to my blog, I told people that I would do a Q and A with them. And having the worst possible memory, I forgot. So I am trying to make that up now. If anyone wants to do a Q and A with me, send me an email: (super cheesy sorry)

Hopefully, I can talk with some of you all and get to know you!

See ya later Readers!

❤ Annie