Movie Review: Finding Dory

Hey Readers! Before we begin there are spoilers from the first movie Finding Nemo, so don’t read anymore unless you wish to read some.  I just watched Disney’s new movie: Finding Dory! Ever seen Finding Nemo? Well this movie is sorta like that. Instead, Dory, a fish who has short-term memory loss, remembers her family after years of searching for them after losing them. This movie shows her journey to her berth place to find her parents. On her journey, she takes her new family: Marlin and Nemo. In the first movie, Marlin’s son Nemo becomes a rebel and follows a boat (or “Butt”) to prove he is a brave fish. Instead, he gets captured. His father chases after the boat but loses Nemo. He literally runs into Dory (or swam into her….I don’t speak fish). They cross the entire ocean just to find Nemo. And they do! Now, it’s Dory’s turn. Wanna see if she finds her family? Will Marlin choose to help Dory? Are there really three hearts in an octopus? Watch the movie to find out!

❤ Annie

P.S. I also saw Doctor Strange….that’s the next review! (Also look below at the pics <3)


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