Field Trip!

Hey Readers! Nothing much to post about today, unless a huge wave of inspiration hits me. Today, my grade went on a field trip to Ford’s Theater. That was where Abraham Lincoln got shot. They had these super creepy statues, and so my classmates and I posed for the camera acting like we were part of the collection. I got to see the weapon used, which was actually pretty cool (later, I asked my mom if I could have one. She said no. ugh. parents sometimes).

After that, we went into the theater itself and saw where Abraham Lincoln was sitting at the time. Since we are reading A Christmas Carol in class, my teacher thought Ford’s theater would be great. There was a performance of it, which I gotta say was super awesome. There was really loud thunder and flashes onstage sometimes during dramatic scenes, which made me jump every time. I accidentally almost grabbed my friends arm on my right (obviously not thinking what I was doing), he didn’t like that so much (sorry!). It’s not that the loud noises scared me or anything…..I could tell they were coming. They were just SO LOUD. If any of you are in Washington D.C. anytime soon, totally visit the theater and watch a performance. Super incredible!!

~Annie ❤


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