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💯 Posts!!

image.jpg100 POSTS?! Wow….nice! I’m still working on the links for the followers thing but my sister Kathy wrote y’all a note! She is so sweet!!


My Art

IMG_0321.JPGSo since 2017 is starting soon (like 7 hours), I got bored and starting writing notes. Every time I finish writing a note I’m gonna post it. And I am also gonna put a link to every one of my followers blogs! Unless their blogs are no longer in use and I can’t get to them.


This Is New..

lol that was a bad pun. NEW like NEW YEARS. Heh. So today, I have been really sad. I was going to say depressed, but I don’t think that would exactly fit the description of what I’m going through. My mom thinks it’s because I’m reacting to gluten or something, but it’s just because well…I do t really know. I’m kinda refusing to talk, so whenever I need something I text my mom. I would like to talk to y’all so talk to me when you can. About something, anything.


Guest Post (?)

Hey Readers!

Since you guys are like my family, and we always ask family most my of my decisions, what do you guys think about another guest post? I feel like I need to get to know a lot more of you, so if any of you would like to guest post, email me at (corny I know, just do it if you want to).

~Annie ❤


Hey Readers!

I am so sorry I haven’t been posting much recently. My grandmother was very sick and so my fam and I had to rush over to Cali. I just got back. When we were there, the wifi/internet was wack. It went on and off. So now I have a bunch of drafts saved to this. I was supposed to do a Secret Santa to Selfie. If she (or he) is ever going to read this post I deeply apologize. The draft (like many others) didn’t save at all. Teenella, I also have to apologize to you. I told you I would do this. And I am past the date. So, if there is any chance, could I maybe re-do it and tell Selfie about it? I have been reading her blog for a little while, and it is spectacular.

Now, since the apologizes are done, I GOT 50 FOLLOWERS YESTERDAY!! AND NOW I AM UP TO 55?!! Thank you to my new followers, and to my old ones for putting up with my weird-ish-ness. So, I’m saving all the special stuff to when I get 100 followers (hopefully sometime soon!!), but for now, I’m tired and exhausted. I am going to post links to the first five bloggers that ever followed me, because they stuck through all the wacky stuff I have done and said.

  1. Abbie Lu

She was one of my first followers. My third, to be exact. The first two shut down their blogs and decided that they were done. I had a special connection with them. We would always make group chats and text each other about what we were gonna blog and when. But over a year ago Abbie Lu decided to follow me, and I couldn’t be happier that you still are.

2. Simply My Life 132

I used to collab on this blog. Then things kind of fell apart. I had a life, and I just couldn’t keep up with the blog. That’s okay though. I am glad I can still spend time on this one.

3. Annabeth

Hey Annabeth. I didn’t forget about you…If you ever read this, hi.

4. Ivy

Go check out her blog. One of my favorite bloggers. Seriously. GO. Right. Now. Paleez.

5. Elm

Same thing as number 4. go, now.

Thank you all so much for supporting me!

~Annie ❤


Hey Guys

Hey Readers!

Sorry I haven’t really posted in a while. We just finished decorating the house! But I am gonna save that for like a Christmas Eve post (if i can). I have been really busy lately, but hopefully I will be getting back on track soon.

Keep blogging and believing (I literally JUST came up with that….so awesome!!),

~Annie ❤


Hey Readers!

So today, I got a notification that today has been my best day for likes! That is amazing! Thank you all so much! I honestly would love for you to comment though. A lot of you follow me and we have never actually talked to each other before! I wan to get to know all of you, so contact me! A few of you have reached out to me already (so there may be some collaboration coming later on in life 🙂 ). Ever want to contact me, I think I usually say what my email is in a lot of posts, which might bug some of you so I wont do it at the moment. If you ever need my contact info, let me know. I would love to talk to y’all.

~Annie ❤


I think I accidentally misspelled that title 4 times because I wasn’t looking at the keyboard. So, I was just doing my normal little routine…reading posts…liking….commenting. When I went to read Inspire Your Thinking’s blog, her post was about wardrobe essentials. Mine is my clover necklace. I wear it with me wherever I go, no matter what. I don’t know why. It’s not like it was given to me by a loved one who recently passed. It used to be a sign of war. My family is Irish. My ex-archenemy’s family is Scottish. I guess it’s kind of like my lucky charm. Whenever things aren’t going my way, my fingers would curl around the clover and I would start to fiddle with it.

So anyway, today was my first day of exams. Ally is actually still at school right now taking her Spanish exam, but since I don’t take a language, I get to be at home talking to you guys! (which I absolutely love btw) As I finished up my literature/English exam, there was a bonus. It said to write a haiku. I dont remember all of what I wrote because I was “in the zone,” but it went something like this:

The snow falls from

the frosty tree,

calling me out to play.

It was supposed to be a 5-7-5, so I’m pretty sure I forgot some of the words.

I will be on basically all day, unless I am studying a little for my math exam tomorrow.

~Annie ❤

What’s on My Mind

Hey Readers!

So, I decided to write two short poems about what I love to do! I’m not really the best writer in the world, but the second one is definitely the best one I have done, even if it isn’t that great. I really wanted to share these with you guys. Tell me what you think, hopefully you like them!

The waves crashing against the shore,

the salty air brushing against my face.


The bright lights shining on my face,

the tape from the microphone on the back of my neck

pulling at some of my hair

the makeup glittering in the stage lights

my soft voice flowing into the audience.

~Annie ❤