Christmas Movies

Hey Readers!

 My dad just asked me what Christmas movies I wanted to watch tonight….got me thinking about a new post for you all! Here are some Christmas movies I recommend!


  The Polar Express

The Polar Express is about a boy who doesn’t believe in Santa anymore. On Christmas Eve, a mysterious train appears right outside his house, which takes him to the North Pole.

 Child approved

 A Christmas Story

 A Christmas Story is about a wacky family and their Christmas. This is a hilarious movie, I love it.

 Has some language in it.


Christmas Vacation

 This is a humor-Christmas movie. It’s about a family who probably has the worst Christmas ever in the history of Christmas.


 Meet Me in St. Louis

 This isn’t really a Christmas movie I think…but a part of it does happen at around Christmas time. This is a wonderful family movie. My school also once did the musical for it.


 A Christmas Carol

 There are so many versions, just about all of them are the same and are amazing. I just went to see a live performance of it in Forde’s Theater. They changed a few things, but all in all it was amazing.


The Nightmare Before Christmas

 This movie is about a skeleton guy named Jack (if I remember correctly). He is in charge of everything Halloween related. He doesn’t like it at all. So to fix things, he kidnaps Santa on Christmas Eve, and now he realizes what a mistake that was! Eventually, he finds out that being his scary-self is all that matters.


 How the Grinch Stole Christmas

 So, there is this super creepy green guy called the Grinch. He hates Christmas. So, he takes everyone’s presents and Christmas decorations. Soon, he realizes that no one can take away Christmas spirit, and how the kindness of one little girl can make a big difference.

 A Charlie Brown Christmas

 If you haven’t seen this I cant…..I JUST CANT RIGHT NOW….SERIOUSLY……GO WATCH IT.


 Home Alone

 Well the title basically says it all. This ginormous family is going to Paris for Christmas. You know how you always leave SOMETHING at home? They left their youngest son Kevin there (he is only eight). The night before they left, Kevin had wished that his family would disappear. So when he woke up to find that no one was home, he thought it worked and immediately started breaking rules to see if his family was just joking. Then, he realizes that two guys are gonna try and rob his house, so he has to be the one to defend it. This is a super hilarious movie, and it shows that it is important to be with family around the holidays, even after a huge fight, because love matters most.


 It’s a Wonderful Life

 If you haven’t seen this, then you MUST SEE IT. George Bailey has always had a dream of traveling around the world. But whenever he tried, obstacles got in the way. Then he got married, settled down and had kids. He worked at a bank, and his uncle lost thousands of dollars (#mylife if you saw how much money I have lost so far….DANG). George is so unhappy he is about to jump of a bridge and drown himself (which you shouldn’t do..suicide is never the answer), when an angel comes and stops him. George tells him he wishes he had never been born. Then angel makes it happen and George freaks out. In the end, if George wasn’t alive, so many horrible things would of happened. The angel gives him his life back, and George rushes home and the whole town donates money to the bank! My teacher was talking about this once. There is a quote from the movie “Every time a bell rings, an angel get its wings.” When he said that, the bell rang for class to end. I guess it must be true then!!

If I somehow missed anything that I need to fix, please let me know! And tell me what some of your favorite Christmas movies are!



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