My Christmas List

Hey Readers!
Since it’s December already (felt like a few days ago it was November….oh wait…..DONT LOOK AT ME UGH), this morning my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas so Santa could bring me some stuff (lol). If you’re a kid and you’re readin this: Santa is real never stop believing in people who give you gifts and money.  And of course, I couldn’t automatically think of anything to write down. So I searched a bunch of random stuff my friends had told me about and I clicked this one website that had a bunch of great stuff. I honestly don’t remember what it’s called (sorry guys). But anyways…here is my list!

-Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie Skully (in black of course)


-Cuddl Duds Reversible Fleece Infinity Scarf (in black and grey)


-Wand curling iron (that is literally the only curling iron that works on my hair)

-I love you pendant


-MyGift Jewlery Tree


-Beat Solo2 Wireless Headphones


– Worlds largest gummy bear (because it’s just so awesome)


-Umbra Hangit Photo Display

umbra-hangit-photo-displayThat’s all for now!

~Annie ❤



About Lara

I'm Lara, a 13-year-old volleyball-loving girl living in Virginia! I am obsessed with volleyball. Literally. I also like to sing, draw, and I've found that I like blogging! Make sure to follow me, and if you have any questions or comments, or just wanna chat, email me at!

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