Christmas Outfit Ideas!

Hey Readers!
All boys that are reading this and don’t wanna read about fashion, just wait until my next post lol. Any girls who are like me and just don’t know what to wear for Christmas, keep reading.

Are you a person that when it comes down to it, you just don’t know what to wear for Christmas? Well your in luck, because I found a few easy solutions to this problem. If you’re like me and like to dress casual, here are some ideas. (If your into elegant and fancy, skip this part) So, if you have a white sweater, grab some jeans, a red hat, red scarf, and some grey or black boots. Then, to keep out the cold, grab a grey jacket! Here is what one option would look like:


And guys, is a really good sight if you need help with some choices to wear.

Option #2:

Green sweater, red jeans, red bow, red/green earrings, grey infinity scarf, and brown boots. Here is an example:


Now, last but not least, the most beautiful one of them all!

One option for a dress: grab some black high heels, black tights, red skirt, (a cute elf-like belt if you want) black skirt, and white coat! Here is an example of what I am explaining to y’all!


All of these I actually found in my closet. They didn’t look as good on my as they did like this. I really liked posting this, so I might do some more! Hopefully, you all like this and maybe even get some more ideas for things to wear on Christmas!

~Annie ❤

P.S., I’m not the only one talking about Christmas-wear, check out Ally’s blog:


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