Christmas Countdown!!


Hey Readers!

So I am starting my Christmas Countdown! So, today is December 11th for me, so 14 days left if you’re not counting today! So just about every day from now on, I will post some Christmas idea that I had gotten. It’s not like the Blogmas thing my friend Ally is doing. I will only be giving ideas on some days. Like 15 minutes ago after I finished showering and I was brushing my hair, I thought of this idea. So the countdown theme for today is….


Okay, I know it sounds kind of weird, but since we just got Oreo, I thought the idea a fitting post for this blog today. So here are some adorable pics I found of some pet Christmas Costume ideas! And, don’t worry Hanukah, I found some for you too!


As well as the Christmas Countdown, I am going to say what my favorite song of the day is, and my favorite blog post of the day is, along with a link to it. So yeah. Just scroll down and read that.


Favorite song of the day: Out My Mind by Scott DW

Favorite blog post of the day: Elm

Hope you guys visit her blog, it’s really good!



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