Cute Overload!

Hey Readers! The most adorable thing just happened!! My littlest sister, who is six, came up to me as I was thinking about what to post today. She came up to me and handed me an envelope. I opened it and it had a little snowman sticker with little snowflakes she drew. (Since she allowed me to post her nickname on here, I will just say it from now on lol) So I open it and it says: (with incorrect spelling and everything <3)

Dear Annie,

I love you. I was wandering if I could do dubsmash with you. (That’s this thing kind of like for those of you wondering) Happy Christmas! You are a god sister (lol that should be correct…I wish).

PS. Let it snow I mean let it go

This was just so adorable! I love her so much!!!!!!!! With like one hundred more exclamation marks! You guys really need to post stuff about adorable siblings doing this, and I will read it and give it like 100 likes (if that were only possible) Sorry if I sound hyper, I just had jello….which shouldn’t make me hyper but….eh…..whatever.

~Annie ❤


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I'm Lara, a 13-year-old volleyball-loving girl living in Virginia! I am obsessed with volleyball. Literally. I also like to sing, draw, and I've found that I like blogging! Make sure to follow me, and if you have any questions or comments, or just wanna chat, email me at!

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