What’s on My Mind

Hey Readers!

So, I decided to write two short poems about what I love to do! I’m not really the best writer in the world, but the second one is definitely the best one I have done, even if it isn’t that great. I really wanted to share these with you guys. Tell me what you think, hopefully you like them!

The waves crashing against the shore,

the salty air brushing against my face.


The bright lights shining on my face,

the tape from the microphone on the back of my neck

pulling at some of my hair

the makeup glittering in the stage lights

my soft voice flowing into the audience.

~Annie ❤



  1. lakiya03 · December 19

    Those were very elegant😉😃


  2. zoesblog13 · December 19

    That was amazing 👏🏼 I’m not very good at poems

    Liked by 1 person

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