This Is New..

lol that was a bad pun. NEW like NEW YEARS. Heh. So today, I have been really sad. I was going to say depressed, but I don’t think that would exactly fit the description of what I’m going through. My mom thinks it’s because I’m reacting to gluten or something, but it’s just because well…I do t really know. I’m kinda refusing to talk, so whenever I need something I text my mom. I would like to talk to y’all so talk to me when you can. About something, anything.



About Lara

I'm Lara, a 13-year-old volleyball-loving girl living in Virginia! I am obsessed with volleyball. Literally. I also like to sing, draw, and I've found that I like blogging! Make sure to follow me, and if you have any questions or comments, or just wanna chat, email me at!

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