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Q And A For Myself? Maybe?

Hey you guys! I have had a hard time being motivated to blog and post, but here I am! So I feel like some of my new followers don’t really know me that much, maybe you don’t even know me that much. So I decided that if you guys think it would be a good idea, to do a Q and A for myself. You can comment or email me questions, then I will answer them here and I can either say the question is from you or anonymous. If you think it’s a good idea, let me know, because I don’t want to be an awkward person who says that we are gonna do and has no questions. If you like this idea, let me know. If you have any thing specific you think I should post about, talk to me. I really love getting in touch with you guys!

~Lara ❤


Valentines Day Is Coming Up…yay

So the wonderful month of February is coming. The only month of the year that I always spell wrong the first time. The month of my cousin Justin and my sister Charlie’s birthdays. The month of VALENTINES DAY. I know to some of you who have passed middle school or who haven’t been to it yet may think it wasn’t or isn’t very awkward. Well for an 8th grader it can be pretty awkward. Never knowing who could give you a rose on Valentine’s Day kills me, because it could be from someone really disgusting or my crush. Right..been meaning to talk about him. Tomorrow. Way too tired today.

Anyways, after ten minutes of homework I decided that I will tell you about HIM. Im just gonna call him HIM because I don’t want to change his name. Its a really good name. Anyways, we have logic class together, and science. It is said that HE likes a friend of mine. Others think that that’s so not true. They think he likes ME. Apparently he is always looking over at me during class. I have noticed a few times mainly because I like HIM. I know he wouldn’t give me a rose though because he isn’t the kind of person who would normally do that, and I’m not the type of person for big gestures of love. But today I had to tell him something kind of important and he leaned in and my stomach felt like a bunch of butterflies. Which means that this is my first REAL CRUSH. And now I’m freaking out because I really want to know if he likes me or not. I’m always super self-conscious about my looks whenever I have a class with him, and I am just annoying myself now. Homecoming is next year, and now I’m nervous about whether I will be asked or not. I have been told I’m pretty and stuff, but I am also very straight-forward with my feelings towards people, so I’m nervous about the guys asking the girls. My mind is kind of scrambled, so I’m just gonna leave it off right here.

~Lara ❤


Best Music of the Month


Hey Readers!

Right now I am working on trying to write a book, and I’m working on some awards, and I feel like theyre taking forever because I have been physically and mentally exhausted. But I decided (while I was on Spotify) that I should do music of the month. Every month I would pick my top ten favorite songs of the month, whether they’re new, oldies, rock, pop, country, etc. This will go on during the last week of every month, so enjoy! By the way, these are in no specific order.

  1. Hall of Fame-The Script, William
  2. I Know What You Did Last Summer-Shawn Mendes, Camilla Cabello
  3. Warriors-Imagine Dragons
  4. Hooked on a Feeling-Blue Swede
  5. Titanium-Titanium I Am Titanium
  6. Monster-Nightcore
  7. Lighthouse-Hearts&Colors
  8. Disarm You-Kaskade
  9. CANT STOP THE FEELING-Justin Timberlake
  10. Same Old Love-Selena Gomez

If you haven’t heard some of these, I strongly advise it, actually, DO IT!!

~Lara ❤

Late-Night Goodnight

I havent been able to fall asleep. Yes. I know its 11:28 at night, but I couldnt stop thinking about life. I have a lot of posts I’m working on, which is mainly why I havent been posting much for the past week or so. But before I go to sleep I want you to know that I’m thinking about you guys–and I have a little quote from a student at my school.

Earlier today I was looking at a wall of student projects. These students were allowed to write any quote they wanted. Whether it was their own or someone else’s. One I looked at had a purple emblem with a donut on it. Then, when I read the quote, it just filled me with joy for some strange reason. I guess it’s because that I love imagination. Kids imaginations are the best. Here is what the Donut Emblem Quote said:

Donuts are bagels that believe in dreaming.

I honestly think that this kid is gonna go far in life with that attitude.

I think I’m starting to go insane, so I’m heading up to bed.

Goodnight world ❤

~Lara xxx

Story Maybe?

Hey Readers! I have been meaning to post for some time now. I did make a post earlier today, but accidentally posted it on Ally’s blog. Oops. Sorry Ally.

So anyways, Ally and I are thinking about writing a story together. We dont really have very many details about it, since we thought about it in between two classes. We are still trying to figure out if we would post like one chapter on my blog, one on hers, what the characters should be, story plot, etc. If you guys have any ideas, let me or Ally know.

Also, tomorrow I will be guest posting on Ally’s blog, so make sure to go check it out and follow her blog too! In other news, I accidentally deleted my picture that pops up next to my name–Gravitar I think its called. I’m gonna have to fix that tomorrow because whenever I try to add it back, it wont add. And I do NOT like it.

~Lara ❤

Catching Up is HARD

Hey Readers ❤

I don’t know how long ago I posted, like a week? Something like that. This past week was super hard. I had some late work which took up my blogging time. I tried to just respond to comments and read a few posts. I have about a hundred (or more) posts that I missed from people I follow, and I still want to work on awards and tags that I have been nominated for. So today I am going to post an award or tag, and catch up on reading other’s posts and commenting back to people.

~Lara ❤

Trying To Block Out the World

How do all my titles sound more amazing than the posts?! I have no idea. Well, sorry folks, I am working on my super-long Logic homework, so this is going to be a short post. I would like some suggestions from you. Only if you want. Not like I’m forcing you or anything. Make your own choice. No pressure. That sounds way more pressure-ful (making up words everyday!!) than I meant.

So, whenever something isn’t going my way, I block out the world with music. Whenever my parents are fighting and sisters are screaming, I block out the world with music.

I have listened to all my songs about five-hundred times. More or less. So, if any of you guys have some really good song suggestions, let me know.

Also, I just had a great Tag/Award idea. So I might make one. Hopefully it trends! It will take a little brainstorming, but it will be some questions about your passion in life (besides blogging of course).

~Lara ❤

Something Weird About Me

Hey Readers!

This week so far has been busy. And yes, I know it’s only Monday. So, everyone has weird qualities, that’s what makes us unique and special and different. One of my weird things that makes me love people so much (not in like a ‘let’s-go-out” kind of love). I LOVE when people say mental. I don’t know why. I especially love it when some people have a little bit of accent when they do it. I know I know, sounds kinda funny.

Anyway, craziest thing happened today. So during one of my classes, a guy got really aggravated. But he was kinda happy at the same time and he was like “that’s so mental!” And I have no idea why, but there was this weird feeling in my stomach. I don’t think you would call it butterflies. Because I honestly DO NOT like him. We’re friends. We tease each other. End of story. He also likes one of my other friends, so that wouldn’t be right, even if I DID like him.

I think it’s safe to say I have never truly liked anyone. I mean, if I ever did like someone, it was only a little and for a short amount of time. I have never really had that butterfly-in-your-stomach feeling around any guys. I think it’s just because I get along with them so well, it’s harder to see them as just more than friends.

Get what I’m saying?

~Lara ❤


Online Flirting?!

Hey Readers! How ya doing? I haven’t been on much today. I meant to post, but I had to go to the dentist again to get more fillings! Yay me. I learned the valuable lesson to not eat as much sugar and control how much you eat. Because having shots in your gums hurt. Its gonna hurt for the next few days and it will hurt to talk, yawn, and open my mouth in any way. And I have chorus tomorrow, so that will be interesting. Anyway, about an hour or two ago, I started to get bored, and I found this game called Legends of Honor. I began to play, and this guy sent me a message asking about me. I kinda dodged his questions a little and then out of the blue he said he liked me. He told me how tough he was and how he got expelled and said how no girls liked him unless he acted like someone else, which is why he liked me so much. I accepted him for who he was.

I tried to explain to him how crazy that is because we had only met about twenty minutes ago. He didn’t accept the fact that we could never be together because I didn’t like him, and we would probably never meet. And I wasn’t falling for the whole tough-guy-wants-sympathy act. I don’t know if anything he said was true or not, but I know for a fact that when you get on a game, watch out for players. He got caught though. Apparently he had a girlfriend who played the game too. And she caught him trying to get me to be his girlfriend. All I know is that when I date, it will be real and not online. If people want to flirt with others, go outside and meet new people. I also don’t like dating sites. I know some couples find love there, and that’s great. It’s good to be and feel loved. I just think that you should actually meet the person in real life.

~Lara ❤

It’s Hard To Catch Up

Hey you all. It has been about three days since I last posted–I think. I haven’t really been active except for reading posts, liking, and commenting. I have been really sick this week, and this is week two. We had a Homecoming game yesterday, and I had to call my dad to pick me up early. Apparently, right after I left, that’s when the excitement started, so that made me feel like crap. Yay. I don’t really have anything to post, oh except for one thing.

There is this guy in my grade who LOVES to torture me by teasing me. And it was starting to get really mean. So I tell him to stop, back off, the usual. But he doesn’t. Like most boys do. So two days ago, while I was waiting for my mom to pick me up from school, I was with two of my friends when he came over. They told me that he liked one of my other friends and I could tell they were lying. I have like this built in lie detector. Whenever I know someone is lying I just keep quiet and don’t say anything. He didn’t really like my friend, why would they lie to me?

A few hours later, my friend Ryley (the friend who lied to me) texted me. Here is how our convo went:


Me: Hey Ryley whats up. Something wrong??? What happened???

Ryley: So you remember how I told you that they guy (I’m just gonna call him ‘the guy’) likes her?

Me: Um yeah…? So what?

Ryley: Well I was lying….he actually likes you.

Me: Yeah right. He is so freaking me to me all the time and tortures me to death

Ryley: Just plz don’t tell him I told you okay? He would kill me!!!

Me: kk fine. I wont tell him, but that doesn’t mean I believe you.

Ryley: thx for understanding gtg, bye ❤

I don’t get this. They say boys tease you because they like you, but I know from experience that’s not true. But now apparently it is. I have no clue how to respond to this. I just cant put up with this right now. I have a lot of late work because I get so sick at night I cant focus on it and give up (and I don’t tell my parents about that….), and with adding this on top of my plate, I just cant deal with it right now. I don’t even know how to respond!

Any advice? Should I tell him that Ryley told me? Or should I keep quiet?? I don’t even know whether to believe her? I know he is always looking over at me, but I thought it was just because he was thinking about being mean to me or something.

What is going on…??

~Lara ❤