Something Weird About Me

Hey Readers!

This week so far has been busy. And yes, I know it’s only Monday. So, everyone has weird qualities, that’s what makes us unique and special and different. One of my weird things that makes me love people so much (not in like a ‘let’s-go-out” kind of love). I LOVE when people say mental. I don’t know why. I especially love it when some people have a little bit of accent when they do it. I know I know, sounds kinda funny.

Anyway, craziest thing happened today. So during one of my classes, a guy got really aggravated. But he was kinda happy at the same time and he was like “that’s so mental!” And I have no idea why, but there was this weird feeling in my stomach. I don’t think you would call it butterflies. Because I honestly DO NOT like him. We’re friends. We tease each other. End of story. He also likes one of my other friends, so that wouldn’t be right, even if I DID like him.

I think it’s safe to say I have never truly liked anyone. I mean, if I ever did like someone, it was only a little and for a short amount of time. I have never really had that butterfly-in-your-stomach feeling around any guys. I think it’s just because I get along with them so well, it’s harder to see them as just more than friends.

Get what I’m saying?

~Lara ❤



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  1. zoesblog13 · January 18

    I totally get what your saying

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