Trying To Block Out the World

How do all my titles sound more amazing than the posts?! I have no idea. Well, sorry folks, I am working on my super-long Logic homework, so this is going to be a short post. I would like some suggestions from you. Only if you want. Not like I’m forcing you or anything. Make your own choice. No pressure. That sounds way more pressure-ful (making up words everyday!!) than I meant.

So, whenever something isn’t going my way, I block out the world with music. Whenever my parents are fighting and sisters are screaming, I block out the world with music.

I have listened to all my songs about five-hundred times. More or less. So, if any of you guys have some really good song suggestions, let me know.

Also, I just had a great Tag/Award idea. So I might make one. Hopefully it trends! It will take a little brainstorming, but it will be some questions about your passion in life (besides blogging of course).

~Lara ❤


About Lara

I'm Lara, a 13-year-old volleyball-loving girl living in Virginia! I am obsessed with volleyball. Literally. I also like to sing, draw, and I've found that I like blogging! Make sure to follow me, and if you have any questions or comments, or just wanna chat, email me at!

8 thoughts on “Trying To Block Out the World

      1. Well, apologies (counting stars), one last time (Ariana Grande), Am I Wrong (Nico), between the bars (Elliot Smith), anything from Coldplay, imagine dragons, Arctic monkeys.
        Tell me if you liked them, then I’ll give you some more suggestions.

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      2. Thanks! I have Counting Stars and I love it! Just added Am I Wrong, and I listened to One Last Time and Between the Bars. I love Imagine Dragons, never heard of Arctic Monkeys, still need to listen to them, thanks!

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