Q And A For Myself? Maybe?

Hey you guys! I have had a hard time being motivated to blog and post, but here I am! So I feel like some of my new followers don’t really know me that much, maybe you don’t even know me that much. So I decided that if you guys think it would be a good idea, to do a Q and A for myself. You can comment or email me questions, then I will answer them here and I can either say the question is from you or anonymous. If you think it’s a good idea, let me know, because I don’t want to be an awkward person who says that we are gonna do and has no questions. If you like this idea, let me know. If you have any thing specific you think I should post about, talk to me. I really love getting in touch with you guys!

~Lara ❤


About Lara

I'm Lara, a 13-year-old volleyball-loving girl living in Virginia! I am obsessed with volleyball. Literally. I also like to sing, draw, and I've found that I like blogging! Make sure to follow me, and if you have any questions or comments, or just wanna chat, email me at mythologyprincess@gmail.com!

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