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I know I haven’t been around that much but danngg!! I should not be around more often because I now have 101 followers!! Okay, I was originally going to post about my Valentine’s Day even though it is the twenty first haha. Which I am still going to do. But I would like to thank each and every one of you for putting up with my random disappearances, and just randomness in general. I hope you continue to stay with me as I grow and a lot of you I have come to know and we have seen each other grow. I may or may not at some point do a challenge with someone on Youtube and show you guys….it would be like a face reveal sort-of thing!

Okay so here is how Valentine’s Day went.

Oh wait…before we start lets take it back to February 13…I was texting my friend Jason. (Oh also, on Valentine’s Day that’s when you can give roses or candy or both to the person you really like)

Jason: So u gonna give out any roses?

Me: Nah, not really anyone I wanna give one to. (Sorry Jason…I lied…there was someone I wanted to give one to…he just doesn’t like me back…I think..)

Jason: Oh. Okay. You think you’re gonna get any?

Me: Nah. I usually help most people with their relationships. Don’t really have one of my own. Never really get roses at all. (I said something along the lines of that…don’t really remember…and my phone is charging rn :p )

Jason: Okay, I gtg but before I do, I gotta tell you that there is a surprise for all my friends tomorrow.

Then we said our goodbyes.

Okay February 14: Lunch time.

They started handing out roses. Of course I was there when one of my best friends got two roses–both from the guy who likes her and she likes him.

Then they called out my name. MINE. LIKE, WHAT. And so they gave me the rose with the note and I was just laughing hysterically. Then everyone from my little clique (including my crush which made me feel kinda sad because he was so eager to see) gathered around and I read the note. Here is what it said:

“I usually help people with their relationships. I never really get any roses.”

Well, here is one now.

My face went totally red and I said “Oh my God, it’s Jason!” And everyone like flipped out. Mainly because Jason left the school last year and is at a different one now.

After I got over the shock and gratitude and realized  that he gave me a rose, the uncomfortable time set in.

I don’t like Jason. I don’t know if he knows that or not. I don’t even know if that was a friendly gesture or he really does like me. I am also having mixed feeling about this guy I like. I don’t know if I fully like him or not anymore. I don’t know what to do. My emotions are jumbled up inside of me. And I am that one person who puts everyone else’s feelings before their own. I need to stop that. I don’t want to be pushed around anymore.

Thanks for listening,

~Lara ❤



Hey You Guys!

Hey! Whats up! I have been gone for a little while and it feels like I have been gone for well…forever! I had the flu recently and it has been hard catching up. And it is Charlie’s bday! (Charlie is my little sis for those of you who don’t know) She just turned seven! Today is her party and we are going bowling! I am gonna kick everyone’s butts though, because I am the champion. DUHH. Well, at best I will probably come in third after my dad and uncle…they actually won a trophy for it. It’s pretty cool, and I am so excited!!yassss~Lara ❤


My Fav Youtube Channels!

So I noticed a little “trend” on WordPress. A lot of people are doing their favorite things. No one has not done Fav Youtube Channels yet…that I know of. So here are my top 9 just because….why not nine. (please note that I am just numbering them randomly, its what I do. These are in no particular order ❤ )

  1. Simply Nailogical

This is a nail art channel. There is a little swearing, so if you are sensitive to that, I would recommend not to watch it if you are sensitive to swearing. Oh I already said that….I think…? I don’t know…okay next channel…

2. Niki and Gabi

Niki and Gabi is a like vlog sort of channel? This would be a channel I watch when I was extremely bored.

3. The Late Late Show with James Corden

I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!! This is one of those shows where you have a host who invites a bunch of celebs and play a bunch of random games. One time James Corden invited One Direction to get a tattoo on the show. I don’t normally like that band, but this was pretty funny.

4. Studio C

Two words: Comedy Sketches ❤

5. Fun2draw

Fun2draw is an art channel. I love it because the artist Mei Yu (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) can draw like there is no tomorrow. Her art is incredible, and she teaches you how to draw cute little anime-style (I think) pictures!

6. Rosana Pansino

Also know as Nerdy Nummies, is the cutest cooking show ever! Her latest video was how to make a little Harry Potter Love Potion, in honor of Valentine’s Day. She also invites a lot of other Youtubers like Markiplier, iiJustine, Superwoman, and so many more to cook with her!!

7. The Slo Mo Guys

These guys do insane things and put them in slo-mo, so if you like that sort of thing like me, click the link!

8. Dude Perfect

I love these guys! They do a bunch of stereotypes for like Golf, Basketball, Movie Theaters, Driving, and more. They also do some insane trickshots!! In their latest video, they are breaking world records–football edition.

9. Good Mythical Morning

This is a talk show. But, they post what goes on in their studio on Youtube too. They do some of the craziest stuff imaginable. Their last two videos were taste-testing animal hearts (woah…), and Are You a Netflix Cheater. Sometimes they do challenges with each other and question each other about things as well.

Hope you enjoyed! I also hope you check them all out!! What’s your favorite youtube channel….I might check it out.

~Lara ❤



Story Time With 6 Year Old Lara!

Hey everyone! Haven’t gotten to post in like five days. We have had some testing (like exams except not as bad) which has taken up a lot of my time. I also have to stay home from school today because I am sick with the flu.

So yesterday I learned that I now have 90 followers!! Thank you all so much for your support! I cant wait till I get 100! So because 90 followers is an accomplishment, I have decided to share a sort-of-embarrassing, kinda funny story from when I was sick.

So I was watching this commercial that came after SpongeBob, and it had a razor. It was a shaving commercial for this new razor that just came out or something. I asked my mom what it was, and she said that she would explain that to me when I was older. So one thing that you should know is that in school we recently learned about the story of Jacob and Esau from the Bible. And Esau was a super harry dude. And just like any regular person, I have hair on my arms. It turns blond in the summer because of all the sun, but during the rest of the year it’s brown. So this bully in my class used to call me Esau because he thought I had way too much hair on my arms. (honestly I think he was just jealous of my natural, amazing arm hair….or not but ya know…whatever) So later that day I went into my mom’s bathroom to get a towel, and I saw a razor. I took it, and made a straight line with it on my arm. It really did take off a lot of my hair like the commercial! And then….my mom comes in. She takes it out of my hand and it took about a month for the hair to grow back to its full length.


Hope you guys enjoyed my little story!

If you ever wanna talk, you know where to find me….and if you don’t well…just ask!


Let’s Take A Field Trip To My Brain!

Oh. Wow. That sounded a lot weirder in my head. Okay then. Today we get to take a field trip. To the way I think. Which is pretty illogical. I mean I can be logical….when I want to be….uhh yeah.

So recently I have been given a project assignment for logic class. And it’s on FALLACIES. For those of you who don’t know what a fallacy is, it is a form of reasoning that despite its popularity of being used, is not very helpful. And there are different types of fallacies. One is Accent, where you basically emphasize on certain words for different meanings in a sentence. But enough learning I’m probably boring you to sleep right?

So the project is to find examples of types of fallacies we learned about and make a Powerpoint about it. I was just listening to “Drag Me Down” by One Direction, and I was like “THATS A FREAKING FALLACYYY!!” Okay, for the record, I only flipped out with excitement because I have been looking for good fallacies for days. And so my mom then came in to ask how my project was coming along, and I told her about the fallacy. And she was like “oh yeah! You could say as another example that a person was dragged down by an anchor to the bottom of the ocean and drowned.” And then she left. DARK MUCH, MOM!! Now, whenever I hear that song, I am gonna be freaked out about that. My family just LOVES ruining things for me. BUT NOT MY MUSIC. THAT IS JUST TOO FAR. YOU DO NOT RUIN SONGS I LOVE BY TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE DYING. MUSIC IS MY FREAKING OUTLET FROM LIFE!! Now I am really ticked off because of that, so I gotta cool down. HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!! GO PATRIOTSSSS!!

If you ever wanna talk, you know where to find me. And if you don’t…..well….then….just ask!

~Lara ❤

What’s In My Bag?

Hey you guys! I love the feeling of after a little while of no posting, I come back on to find I have 89 followers!! So amazing! So today I decided that since I am going on a huge trip in a few months, I should start figuring out what I need! Also, I have a boring life and I had nothing to do so my dad gave me a book to help him plan our trip. Oh right, I forgot to tell you where I am going. Universal Studios, Disney World (not Disney Land, that’s in Cali), and the Disney Cruise! And being a thirteen-almost-fourteen-year-old girl, I need to have a separate outfit for everyday. So I had to find some things to do for our car ride or plane ride to Florida (shout-out to people in Florida!!). So I found one and I am clearing it out, so lets see WHAT’S IN MY BAG!!

img_0351So here is the bag that I am using. This is a Fuel backpack that is magenta and pink with teal accents for straps and zippers. This backpack may look small, but it can pack a lot of things. It has six pockets and two sections inside if that makes sense. I got this backpack originally for school uses but I decided that this is a perfect traveling bag for me to use on the go.  I do have a donut pillow that I would have shown you guys, but my I let my sister Kathy bring it to a sleep-over she is having, so maybe I’ll take a pick and show you guys later.



Alright! So the first thing I grabbed out of my bad was my emergency makeup trunk! I have lipsticks, lip gloss, eos, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, which by the way, I like never use lol. I also have eye shadow, mostly purples and skin toned colors. I have liquid blue eye liner and a liquid eye shadow sort of thing, which I just found out I’m allergic to! And I have some Bebe perfume, which smells like heaven on steroids! Its incredible! I also left a necklace with a sparkly purple sea-star on it. I know it sounds like I love purple right now lol but my most fav color is blue.




Next are my ear-buds and headphones. They were a little tangled up at first but ta-da! My headphones are light green and light grey. And because of my amazing camera work and the fact that I just didn’t feel like cropping it out, you get an exclusive look at the bottom of my tablet from school. Unfortunately, they gave us really crappy ones. So yup. Onto the next item…




So the next thing I grabbed was my “Whatever Is Lovely” coloring designs book, so I just grabbed the rest of that category of books. I love designing things, and I am a very artistic person, so obviously I would have three design books and my sketch book for my clothing designs. Maybe sometime you guys would like to see those? My friend Caroline and I want to one day open fashion stores and work together. She is a grade younger then me, so we would have to figure that out. I want to either be a surf instructor, singer, dancer, actress, fashion designer, or makeup artist. Ugh so hard to pick!



This is my little Coach wallet that I keep my money, gift cards, my new ID and my new bank account info in. Yesterday my dad and I decided that it was time for me to get a bank account so we went to get one. But the buildings’ computers went haywire so we have to go back on Monday and get it. Until then, I have to read all these important documents, which is gonna take a little while. Wish me luck!



Here is my pink “Brilliant Great & Amazing Thoughts” journal. It has a bunch of different colored pages. And next to it are my Amaza Pens. They are mostly neon colors, but there are some sparkly ink gel pens in there too. I use this journal to right out ideas for some outfits, and if I get a brilliant prank idea, I go to this journal and jot it down before I forget it. I also once wrote a plot with my friend Hannah to sneak into the movies, bring in our own food, and go from movie to movie for hours and hours until the movie theater closed. We still joke about trying to go all the time.



Then there is my pink and black hair brush in case of a hair emergency or I’m having a bad hair day. Or if I woke up from a nap. Or if there is a cute boy. Just kidding, scratch the last one. But I have a lab stuffed animal that I always take with me. I got it when I was born and I don’t sleep with it or anything, I just like having it by me. It helps me feel like my grandparents are watching over me no matter where they are.




Sorry for the horrible lighting in this picture. This is a lotion that I love to use if I ever have dry skin on my face, arms, legs, etc. This is dermae cream and it lasts all day, but I found out that it only lasts all day as long as you don’t rub the spot that has the lotion on it. So for example, you put some on your nose, scratch your nose, it comes off. Other than that, it’s amazing!




And finally, last but not least, I have two books that I read. The School For Good And Evil, which is amazing! If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. You can get it on Amazon, or from Barnes and Noble, and probably some other places too. Some of us have religion, I’m a Christian, and I am not really proud to say that I am not a very strong one. I gotta work on that. So I bring a Bible with me. Just in case I panic or something happens.


Well I hope you guys liked finding out what I had in my bag! This was a super long post for me to do, and I hope you guys do something like this too. I think that this really helps followers get to know the blogger if not a lot at least a little bit better!

If you guys ever wanna talk, you know where to find me! And if you don’t….well…ask!

~Lara ❤

let’s talk about change.

Hola readers! Wait. Something’s not right. Oh yeah! I’m not Lara! Hey guys, I’m Ally (find my blog here), I’m Lara’s best friend, and she asked me if I could guest post today!

On my blog, Lara is talking about fear. Something that I’m afraid of is change, so I thought that I might talk about change and she said ok, so I’m going to talk about change. 

Change. Change is a good thing, and a bad thing. Personally, I hate change. I want everthing to be systematical and that’s where the slight bit of anxiety I have kicks in. I want things to stay the same. I love tradition, I love lists, I love plans. But this is life. Change happens. People come and go. Things are in and out. To me, change has always seemed bad. I changed my blog title and writing style. I’ve changed my work habits and don’t have any more missing work. I’m changing schools, and I’m really excited about that. So yes, change can be good. I want to know what you think about change. Whether you are a reader of my blog or Lara’s, comment below how you feel about change and the biggest change that has happened in your life. Thank you guys for reading, make sure you go follow my blog and follow Lara’s! 

Keep Dreaming

❤ Ally