Hey You Guys!

Hey! Whats up! I have been gone for a little while and it feels like I have been gone for well…forever! I had the flu recently and it has been hard catching up. And it is Charlie’s bday! (Charlie is my little sis for those of you who don’t know) She just turned seven! Today is her party and we are going bowling! I am gonna kick everyone’s butts though, because I am the champion. DUHH. Well, at best I will probably come in third after my dad and uncle…they actually won a trophy for it. It’s pretty cool, and I am so excited!!yassss~Lara ❤




  1. wormalblog · February 19

    Oh my gosh I went bowling the other day and I sucked so bad. Mad respect for good bowlers 😂


  2. Thoughts in Life · February 19

    I am so sorry to hear you were ill. I hope now you are better and ready to win! Happy Birthday to your sister 😄🎊🎊


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