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Hey! I'm Ally. I am a 14-year-old girl that loves to dance, write, read, and blog.

let’s talk about change.

Hola readers! Wait. Something’s not right. Oh yeah! I’m not Lara! Hey guys, I’m Ally (find my blog here), I’m Lara’s best friend, and she asked me if I could guest post today!

On my blog, Lara is talking about fear. Something that I’m afraid of is change, so I thought that I might talk about change and she said ok, so I’m going to talk about change. 

Change. Change is a good thing, and a bad thing. Personally, I hate change. I want everthing to be systematical and that’s where the slight bit of anxiety I have kicks in. I want things to stay the same. I love tradition, I love lists, I love plans. But this is life. Change happens. People come and go. Things are in and out. To me, change has always seemed bad. I changed my blog title and writing style. I’ve changed my work habits and don’t have any more missing work. I’m changing schools, and I’m really excited about that. So yes, change can be good. I want to know what you think about change. Whether you are a reader of my blog or Lara’s, comment below how you feel about change and the biggest change that has happened in your life. Thank you guys for reading, make sure you go follow my blog and follow Lara’s! 

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